News        Welcome to Al-Qasemi Academy of Arabic Language and Literature at Al-Qasemi College   

The Academy aims at preserving the Arabic language and protecting it from the current and expected challenges that stem basically from the surge of other languages. After all, Arabic in the Palestinian territories of 48 is in an open conflict with colloquial Arabic, on the one hand, and Hebrew, on the other hand.

The Academy seeks to make Arabic compatible with the needs of sciences, literature and arts. It works towards making Arabic meet the needs of recent developments of contemporary culture and modern life.

The Academy investigates the origins of Arabic language and its styles in order to select what enriches its forms and facilitates its teachings and grammar. Therefore the Academy is active in organizing conferences, scholarly and culturally oriented workshops, supervising publications of linguistic and literary studies and contributing to the revival of Arabic heritage. Moreover, the Academy produces recommendations for the relevant institutions of similar interest in Arabic to facilitate the diffusion and spread of the language. The activities of the Academy include research and recommendations available through the publication of special journals, books and conference papers.

The Academy’s main interest is directed to the study of both classic and modern Arabic in its different contexts: linguistics, literature, sciences, social and political. The Academy works towards meeting all language-based needs of speakers of Arabic to provide them with scientific and research consulting in matters related to language and civilization. To serve this aim, the Academy welcomes the best scholars in the study of Arabic and experts in other fields, including humanities, social sciences and exact sciences and fosters collaborative projects. From the early stages of its development, the Academy has formed different committees that deal with Arabic from all dimensions and aspects and diagnoses its problems and introduces the appropriate suggestions and recommendations.

The Academy works towards cooperation with the different institutions and centers in Al-Qasemi College and other research and academic centers in the country in all fields that relate to Arabic. The Academy looks forward to building bridges with peer institutions across the world in general and the Arab world in particular to exchange ideas and experiences.