Al-Qasemi Academy News
Opening announcement of the Kuwaiti electronic library
A cooperation agreement between Al-Qasemi college and Kuwaiti institute was recently approved. As the head of the Kuwaiti institute for students support Mr. Talal Abdul Kareem Al-Arab met with head of Al-Qasemi college Prof. Bashar Sa’d, the academic dean Dr. Yassin Kittany, vise president Muhammad Kittany, head of international relations office Mr. Fadi Qeadan and Dr. Muhamad Ziad.

In addition, Mr. Malik Taym - head of Al-Zaytona for youngsters development institute and Mr. Anwar Zidan – Reprehensive of the institute in Arab community also joined the session. They discussed the majors taught in college, the utilities provided to the students, the academic facilities and educational centers.

They also discussed the importance of expanding the library in college and initiating different activities which can be helpful for the students. During the session, the head of college expressed his appreciation to Mr. Talal Abdul Kareem for supporting Al-Qasemi college and providing advanced computers. And for linking Al-Qasemi college library to Springer database.

To drop the curtain, both parties signed cooperation agreement to support the students. And the architect Talal Al-Arab emphasized to keep on supporting projects held by Al-Qasemi college and publishes from the Arabic language department.