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Since the establishment, the Educational and Social Researches Center has been working on developing and reinforcing the field of the scientific researches in general, and qualifying teachers in practical.

The center provides frequently feedbacks on the educational and teaching processes within a wide scope in the college; in order to ensure the developing of the effectiveness of the qualifications goals.

The evaluation studies within the center focus on varied topics and projects, including the experimental projects leaded by the Ministry of Education in Israel.

Nevertheless, the centers collaborates in conducting researches with other institutions, organizations, and scholars in the country and abroad.

There is an additional value the center promotes, which is encouraging the lecturers at Al – Qasemi College to conduct scientific researches during their work in teaching courses. Therefore, the center offers for them: budgets to finance the researches, consultation services, statistical services, and editing.

Finally, the center assists researchers in publishing their work in national and international – recognized scientific journals.