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The English department puts emphasis on both the professional and the pedagogical domains. The English language is used as an international language. This is clearly reflected in our general teaching methods in all our courses. The proficiency courses incorporate various cultural topics. The courses of literature and social interactions are primarily designed to expose the students to integrative types of literature. All courses belong to one of three categories: writing courses, oral proficiency courses, and reading courses. In the first year, the emphasis is placed on fluency and accuracy and the error analysis process which is developed in the academic writing courses and the oral performance skills. The students are exposed to a wide variety of courses pertaining to theoretical background to English language learning such as introduction to the linguistics, phonetics and phonology, oral skills, writing skills and reading strategies.

Head of Department:

Dr. Eman Alloush
04- 6286668 

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Salam Gharra
04- 6286613