Homepage IRO: The vision
Internationalization has always formed a part of Al – Qasemi College’s vision. Believing that diversity and multiculturalism is a valuable element in the learning process, Al – Qasemi Academy as a pioneering academic institution realizes the importance of creating partnerships and cooperation with academic institutions and entities in local, national, Arab, Islamic and international spheres.

Al – Qasemi College strategy of internationalization is integrating the intercultural and international aspects within the curriculum and students activities; additionally, strengthening internationalization abroad. Lastly, the strategy includes promoting international researches.
  • Conferences
  • Delegations Exchange programs
  • Partnerships
  • Sharing international opportunities for students and staff
  • Foreign embassies
Both the administrative and academic departments are in collaboration to execute and implement the following internationalization main components for the next 4 years:
  1. International mobility for the students, academic and administrative staff.
  2. Strategic international partnership – different members from the academy will initiate to start partnership and international cooperation with institutions of higher education they are familiar with and recommend. Indeed, the IR office will assist and facilitate the process in accordance with the institution’s vision, interests, and strategy.
  3. Internationalization of curriculum – the college works on internationalizing the curriculum by integrating international, global, and multiculturalism concepts within it; and by teaching different courses in the English language, besides to the English Language department.
  4. International researches (cooperation) – the academy focuses intensively on the research activities, on the national and international spheres.
Internationalization planned within the following levels:
  • Institutional
  • Faculties
  • Individuals (academic staff)