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Al-Qasemi's Office of Public and International Affairs coordinates the college's activities in a number of arenas, including: liaison with local and international, academic and cultural institutions; planning and implementing the process of situating the college as an active partner in the culture of the world through promoting shared projects and relations with organizations in Israel and the world.
The office serves Al-Qasemi community of faculty and students in furthering the goals of active partnership in academic and cultural relations, projects, delegations, conferences and programs overseas. It also attracts persons and delegations from the world for visits and studies in Al-Qasemi.
The colleges' covenant guides the work of the office as it works on creating and sustaining the delicate balance between one's cultural and religious heritage and participation in the global culture.

Department's Staff
Mr. Wassim Younis: Head of the public Relations Office
Mr. fadi kiedan: Assistant
Mr. rabea abu moch: Assistant
Mrs. Maha Majadly: Assistant
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