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Al Qasemi’s library is one of the most inclusive academic libraries in the Arab sector in Israel. It  contains 55,000 entries in Arabic, Hebrew, and English in different fields of specialization such as: Islamic religion and sciences, Arabic language and literature, the history of Arabs and Islam, Mathematics, Computer Science, Communication, Education, English Literature and Language etc…
The library also provides highly advanced computerized academic services, using the ALEPH system, one of the most modern and internationally known library systems. This system connects the library with other libraries in colleges and universities within the country and abroad.
The library includes 132 academic journals in the three languages: 17 of them are in English, 70 in Hebrew and the rest are in Arabic, covering issues in education, administration, business administration, psychology, childhood, mathematics, communication and Arabic language and literature.
  • The library provides the Gail database, which belongs to Expand Academic. This database includes 1900 journals with full texts and 850 journals with abstracts in the various fields of study. The MLA database covers all materials 16 related to English literature in particular and other literatures in general, while the Eric database covers articles in Education. Haifa database of scientific journals is another valuable asset.
  • Books in the library have been classified based on the Dewey Classification System, where different topics are assigned numbers known as “call numbers” to help them access needed books and materials much more efficiently.
  • In addition, the library includes CDs and educational programs, which cater to readers at different generational levels. One can also find maps, encyclopedias and
    enrichment programs in the various fields of study.
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