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Al – Qasemi College, established in 1989 by Al – Khalwatiyyah Comprehensive Order of Al -Qasemi, was the first initiative of an institute for Sharia and Islamic Studies in the Arab community in Israel. The College’s board of directors is headed by Al – Sheikh Abed Alraouf Alqasemi
Al-Qasemi Academy
In 1993, the college was accredited by the higher council of education in Israel to grant B.Ed. certificate in the Arabic Language and Islamic Studies, and was recognized by the Al - Azhar University in 1995; noting that by the year of 2002, more academic majors were included.

For the continuation of hard work and clear vision, Al – Qasemi College was accredited once again by the Higher Council of Education to grant M.Ed. certificates in 2010 in three main topics.

Al – Qasemi achievements continued to glow over the years, both the academic and administrative staff worked collaboratively together in raising the College’s distinguished goals. As a result, in 2009 the College won the first position for the European Award (EFQM) for Excellence and Quality, on the state level; and the Welfare Award in 2011. The college won the Prize of Al-taawon Foundation for Special Achievements in the year 2012 and the medal of European Excellence "Committed to Excellence" in 2015. At the beginning of 2017, Al-Qasemi College was awarded the first accreditation in the Arab society and became a Green Campus. Al-Qasemi recently received the Industry Excellence Award (Northern Region) on behalf of the Manufacturers Association of Israel.

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