Al-Qasemi Research Center (QRC) was launched in 2008. The main emphasis of the Center is to foster high-level research in Biology and Chemistry. A highly interdisciplinary scientific investigation at QRC is based on intensive collaboration between biologists, chemists, and computer scientists.
QRC hired highly trained personnel with cutting-edge technologies to conduct basic and applied research in the fields of Cell Biology, Virology, Medicinal plants, Microbiology, Chemistry and Chemo-informatics sciences. In addition researchers at QRC are engage in collaborative initiatives, such as developing of medicinal plants based drugs. Although our research center is young, we were able to publish more than 20 pre-reviewed original papers and reviews as well as 5 chapter books within two years!
QRC is an integral part of the Al-Qasemi Academic College. Al-Qasemi’s vision is to create an academic environment which facilitates and fosters both high quality intellectual achievement, and a culture of dialogue between religions, cultures, and traditions.  
    The main research goals are:
  • Inflammation and Medicinal plants – Prof. Bashar Saad
  • Diabetes type II - novel anti-diabetic drugs from medicinal plants – Dr. Hilal Zaid
  • Drug Discovery Informatics - Prof. Anwar Rayan
  • Virology and molecular genetics - Prof. Mouhammad Zidan
  • Microbiology- Dr. Mahmoud Masalha