Arabic Language and Literature Academy

Al-Qasemi Arabic Language and Literature Academy is the supreme body of the Arabic language in the country. It is one of the institutions affiliated with Al-Qasemi College that was established in 2009. It aims to maintain the integrity of the status of the Arabic language, and seeks to make it compatible with the needs of recent developments of contemporary sciences, literature and arts.
The Academy constantly organizes national and international conferences, scholarly or culturally oriented workshops, in addition to supervising publications of linguistic and literary studies, and contributing to the revival of Arabic and Islamic heritage.
Moreover, the Academy provides recommendations for the relevant institutions of similar interest in Arabic to facilitate the diffusion and spread of the language. The activities of the Academy include research and recommendations available through the publication of special journals, books and conference papers.
The Academy’s main interest is directed to the study of both classic and modern Arabic in different contexts: Linguistics, literature, sciences, social and political. The Academy works towards meeting all language-based needs of speakers of Arabic to provide them with scientific and research consulting in matters related to language and civilization. To serve this aim, the Academy welcomes the best scholars in the study of Arabic and experts in other fields, including humanities, social sciences and exact sciences. The Academy works towards cooperation with the different institutions and centers in Al-Qasemi College and other research and academic centers in the country and abroad in all fields that are related to Arabic.

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