Early Childhood Development Center (Bidayat)

Bidayat Al-Qasemi Center is an academic-community center that has been in operation since 2008. The center operates among Al-Qasemi Academic College of Education and offers ongoing professional development for those already working in the field of early childhood education. In addition, the center offers multiple services and activities to professionals and parents, as well as joint activities for parents and children. In recent years, the center’s programs have extended to many Arab cities, such as East of Jerusalem, Arraba at north, and Rahat at south.

Bidayat center strives to promote the welfare and development of children and their families within the Arab society. We exert efforts to raise awareness and expand knowledge about early childhood education, and to provide meaningful and enjoyable learning experiences. In addition, it promotes humanistic values, including equality, respect for human beings and their differences, freedom of choice and of expression and social justice. We concentrate our attempt at promoting the development of human capital, improvement of early childhood education and fostering of social responsibility.


  • Enhancing early childhood knowledge and education among professionals and significant adults in the Arab Society.
  • Fostering high-quality interactions between caregivers and children among Arab families within a nurturing environment and the mediation of experts and mentors in the early childhood field.
  • Promoting early childhood education at Daycares, and enriching the children's learning experiences and enjoyment within an educational and supporting environment.
  • Developing and disseminating culture-appropriate educational/developmental knowledge, including research in relevant fields and a data resource for Arab society.
  • Creating partnerships among academic, professional and community bodies and organizations for the advancement of preschool education.

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