Information and Communications Technology Center (ICT)

The ICT Information and Communication Technologies Center manages the field of construction and support for the teaching and learning infrastructures, and the administrative infrastructures at Al Qasmi Academy. The center is also responsible for the development, integration and management of information and communication technology systems in the administrative and academic fields at Al Qasmi Academy. The center provides faculty and students with dynamic technological learning environments that foster and promote extensive communication techniques within the college and in the wider global context. The center's services include, among others: project management for the development and management of the technological and digital infrastructure in the college, management of managerial and/or pedagogical technological environments, development of programming projects that promote pedagogical and managerial services, promotion and support of technological educational initiatives, support and development of online internet learning programs, techno-pedagogical support for faculty members and students in the field of digital learning, and the development and management of the college's website.


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