Course curriculum of special education at Al-Qasemi, is based on the belief that education is a national priority is first and basic recognition of natural right to equality of opportunity and the duty of society to create conditions for its implementation, on the basis of ability to utilize all human. These principles are still with us as a moral rule and the proposed curriculum of the special education track is designed to train teachers within special education frameworks (ages 6-21) and regular elementary school (grades A – F). Teachers will learn two disciplines, special education (totaling 28 credit hours) and Arabic language and literature (totaling 26 credit hours). All this in addition to the study of teacher training, and basic education and enrichment. Program graduates will specialize in both disciplines and will be trained to use the integrative knowledge they gained. For example, program graduates will be able to use their knowledge in special education to teach Arabic language and literature, and vice versa. So the proposed program graduates will be able to adapt the curricula unique learning profile of the student, a thorough understanding of the structure of the discipline, on the one hand, and the child needs special education, on the other. Training in both areas will enable future teachers to "dismantle" the complex learning materials and instruct them in a logical sequence and in accordance with the specific data of a special needs child.

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