The academic major of the Hebrew Language, including linguistics and literature, is designed initially to enhance the mutual understanding between the population of Arabic speakers and the Hebrew’s population speakers in Israel, additionally, to equip a new generation of the Arabic population in the Israeli Culture.

This major facilitates the integration of the Arab students in the Jewish society via studying the Hebrew Language’s linguistics, literature, and the literature of the sages of the Mishnah and the Talmud, centuries ago till nowadays.

Those studies majors help the student acquiring knowledge, tools, skills, pedagogical experience and more expanded vision of the Hebrew language curriculum’s objectives within schools.

The program is constructed over three primary principles:

  • Enriching the production of intellectual interests towards the linguistics of the Hebrew language, compared to other languages’ linguistics, especially the Arabic system.
  • Understanding the legacy and the creation of the culture of the Jewish nation; its varieties and generations.
  • Improving the lingual skills that responsible for the language development and sufficiency in communications, also, understanding the mass media by being exposed to the different stages of the scientific writing, modern media, and the diverse patterns in literary pieces.

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