Al-Qasemi Academic college of Education Offers a single major unique program for teachers training in Science and Science teaching in elementary schools (grades A - F). The program adheres to an academic level, and tight integration between theoretical studies and educational studies, pedagogy, and practical training. The proposed scientific expertise directly relates to the learner's world and the environment in which he lives, gives expression to discover nature (the world), and the human interaction - between man and nature. Reference to man and his work in a high-tech world of technological sciences, will be done through an overall and balanced view of man’s place and uniqueness inside nature, with emphasis on his involvement and impact on the environment and its quality. Specialization courses will include introduction courses from the following fields:

Life sciences - that focus on life phenomena, such as animals, plants, human body, genetics, reproduction, bacteria, health education, physiology and more.

Material Science - Materials and their features, natural resources, electrical and optical phenomena (fundamentals of physical science courses). Environmental sciences - ecology, environment, sustainability, adverse weather, earth science and space technology, combining fundamental science, technology and society, and avoiding forced connections between things. The program also includes courses on science as a whole, focusing on scientific ways of thinking, the basic concepts principles common to various fields of science. Furthermore, focus will be put on general education courses and pedagogical sciences studies, basic education and enrichment, and extensive experience in science teaching – in elementary school (grades A - F)

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