Erasmus+: Staff

  • Staff (Incoming)
  • Staff (Outgoing)
Incoming staff members who wish to visit Al-Qasemi under Erasmus+ programme KA107 are encouraged to apply. According to Erasmus+ regulations, incoming staff members coming for teaching, must teach at least 8 academic weekly hours.
Application Requirements:
  • Fill out the application form according to call deadlines -
  • Upload a formal invitation letter from Al-Qasemi faculty member approved by both the faculty member and the dean (including the purpose of the visit, relevant of teaching or research plan, duration and the exact dates for teaching during the academic year)
  • Upload a nomination letter from Erasmus+ coordinator at the sending institution
  • Upload the CV
  • Upload a copy of passport
Please note: Selected staff members must fill out the Mobility Agreement for Teaching

There are two options for accommodation: Off-Campus (5 to 10 minute walk) and On-campus
On Campus Accommodation:
  • Up to 12 persons
  • Each room is equipped with two beds, bathroom with a toilet, wardrobe, mini fridge, mini kitchen, mirrors, air conditioner, TV, and WIFI.
For details, please visit the link:

Insurance and Health
Each student, researcher, professor, guest and visitor, including accompanying family members must have full health insurance coverage prior to their arrival and must be valid for the whole period of their stay. This is also obligatory when you apply for a visa. For further consultation, please contact:

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