Poet: Mohamed Kaadan- My Bright Stars "My Grandparents” (Elegy)

Where did you go?
You left me without letting me know
How can I rewind time or make it slow?
Who turned off the light? Why are my heartbeats so low?
Please stop raining and bring back the rainbow.
Guidance, tenderness, tranquility and happiness
What can I say more about both of you?
All words worth nothing when speaking about you
you watched me every day as I grew
you took my hands and taught me how to see the rainbow
not to fall, but to look at the stars from the window.
You supported me at all times
You were a gift from God
I hoped that gifts like this are eternal
And thought things were going to be much better
I believed that Together,
we would minimize Life's pressure
But who knows?
God's choices for us are always more beautiful than our wishes
In memory and in heart you will always be

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