Al-Qasemi Academic College of Education is regarded as a prominent and leading institution of teacher education. Al-Qasemi was primarily established in 1989 as an institution for Islamic studies. In 2002, the college was accredited by the Council of Higher Education in Israel to award a B.Ed. degree in different fields. In 2010, the college was granted the right to award the M.Ed. degree, followed by M. Teach degree in 2017 .

Al-Qasemi has a culture of research and technology which is committed to the dissemination of scientific and educational knowledge, and the sustainability of academic excellence and innovation to better serve its students, faculty members, as well as the global community.

Al-Qasemi has succeeded in paving its way and locating itself among the national leading institutions of higher education due to the high quality of academic education, and the devotion to the development of human potential.

The college programs include theories of teaching, research, and practice with special emphasis on leadership and innovation in the classroom. Furthermore, it believes in preparing and training highly qualified teachers who will be able to make a difference and contribute to the welfare of their communities.

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