Early Childhood Education track operates on the basis of recognition of the importance of the first six years in life, in shaping one's world and development throughout his life and the centrality of linguistic-cultural aspects – in the development process of children. It is important to train kindergarten teachers on how to combine high human, professional and academic qualities. To do this, it is important to expose students studying early childhood education to the process of development and growth towards being professionals with mature but flexible educational and ethical worldview; moreover, provide them with learning and thinking skills at a high level, and the ability to nurture and teach children through a wide range of fields. The purpose of the program is to train teachers rooted in their culture and society, on an independent thinking and deep understanding of the range of characteristics and needs of children at this age, in addition, the role of educator in creating an educational climate that enables a variety of childhood experiences for children, meaningful and enjoyable learning and optimal growth. Transition from training aimed at children between the ages of 3 to 8 to children from birth to 6 years old, highlights the importance of deep acquaintance with the world of childhood, especially with the early-stage in the development process and the educational approaches tailored to these age groups.

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