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Al – Qasemi College vision is to create an academic environment that facilitates and foster both, the high quality of intellectual achievements, and a culture of dialogue between religions, cultures, and traditions.

On the academic and educational spheres, one of the College’s goals is to develop the human resource capabilities in the Arab community by training high – qualified teachers, who will deal with the complicated challenges that societies face!
The college sees within the teachers’ training process and their professional development the mechanism that will enhance the educational system; causing by its turn important changes within additional social domains.

Al – Qasemi is actively working to create a new model for higher education, in addition to other achievements alike, throughout the following activities:

  1. Partnerships with other academic institutions within Israel and outside the country.
  2. Professional conferences and study days.
  3. Research corporation of the diverse faculties within the college and abroad.

Al – Qasemi College, the first Arab Academy for Higher Education in Israel, is a source of pride for the Arab minority in the country.

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