Research projects

Prof. Bashar Saad
  • In vitro evaluations of safety and efficacy of herbal-based medicines. In particular, anti-inflammatory, psoriasis, acne, and anticancer properties of medicinal plants.
  • Creation of 3D in vitro test systems.
Prof. Mouhammad Zeidan
  • The effect of medicinal plant extracts on gene expression in in-vitro cell systems.
  • Modern and innovative methods for diagnosis of plant and Animal Pathogens: The emphasis on Using Isothermal amplification methods and array DNA hybridization for multi target detection.
  • Etiology and genetics of Viroid diseases in plants.
  • Looking for new Ways to Control plant pathogens by Chemical and Biotic-agents.
  • Expression of genes for biotech industries.
  • Genetics of Virus-Vector interactions: determine the role of viral and insect genes.
  • Application of Modern molecular tools for the diagnosis of multi-factorial diseases among the Arab population.
Dr. Hilal Zaid
  •  Screening  the effect of diverse potential therapeutic plants extracts sensitizing Insulin action.
  •  Screening  the effect of potential therapeutic plants on insulin resistant treatment. Testing weather specific medicinal plants extracts increase GLUT4 translocation to the plasma membrane and hence increase glucose uptake.
  • Identifing the cellular target of the effective plant extract, e.g. proteins involved in the insulin action pathway.
  • Identifying the active fraction/molecule of the plant(s) extract.
Prof. Anwar Rayan
The laboratory of drug discovery informatics develops/employs algorithms and computer techniques for drug design and structural/functional biology studies. We are focused on sequence-structural analysis of proteins, protein-protein/ protein-ligand interactions and ADME/Tox predictions. All project lines are characterized either by own verification or by close cooperation with experimental partners within the Qasemi Research Center, Academy and/or Industry to ensure a closed loop between theoretically derived model and experimental proof. Such strategy is an important prerequisite for success.

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