• Prof. Michael Silbermann: Executive Director, Middle East Cancer Consortium
  • Dr. Omar Said: Antaki Center for Herbal Medicine Ltd. Kfar Kana, Israel
  • Prof. Yoram Milner: Skin Biochemistry, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem
  • Department of Biology and Biotecnology, the Arab American University Jenin
  • Dr. Walid Albasha: Faculty of Medicin, An-Najah University Nablus
  • Prof. Pierre Hadad, Department of Pharmacology and Montreal Diabetes Research Center, Montreal University, Canada
  • Prof. Amira Klip, Cell Biology Program, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada
  • Prof. Amiram Goldblum, Molecular Modeling and Drug Design Lab and the Alex Grass Center for Drug Design and Synthesis, Institute of Drug Research, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 91120
  • Prof. Salvatore Guccione, Department of Chemical Sciences- University of Catania- V.le A. Doria 6, I-95125 Catania, Italy
  • Prof. Abd Al-Roof Higazi , head of Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Hebrew University - Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem
  • Dr. Ahmed Nasser, Institute of Soils, Water and Environmental Sciences, ARO, Volcani Center, Bet Dagan 50-250
  • RAND Biotechnologies LTD

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