Department of Islamic Studies

 - Elementary School Track
 - High School Track

The Islamic Studies Department aims to provide students with the basic knowledge on religion and culture of Islam. One of the aims of the department is to qualify teachers who are tied to their roots and are aware of the contribution of Islam to world culture. Students take courses that provide them with knowledge of the Quran through analysis and interpretation using the Hadith books, “Al-Sunnah Al-Nabwiyyah”, and the four major Sunni schools. Students learn about religious issues, while developing research approaches and critical reading of various issues. During the first years, students acquire basic tools for the study of religion e.g. basic beliefs of Islam, principles of Islamic law. Students also acquire skills to read religious texts from the Quran and improve their critical reading and scientific knowledge to deal with the authenticity of Hadith, referred to jarḥ wa al-taʻdīl (discrediting and accrediting). Students also deal with issues that require religious law tools acquired in previous years. Besides, students take courses in education, and pedagogy of Islamic studies. They also become involved in the Practical Education Program in schools from their second-year.

Islamic Studies Department has distinguished scientific centers, such as Journal of Islamic Studies, Fatwa Center, Islamic Studies & Manuscripts Center.


Head of Islamic Studies Department

Dr. Tawfieq Sayede
CV: here

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