Department of Education

Education and learning are the most significant vehicles of changing the world. Learning processes occur throughout life in different spaces: In the family, in formal and informal education systems, in our workplaces and in community life, including digital media - these are all educational processes that shape our identity as individuals and as a society. Knowledge of these processes and intervention skills are important resources that are essential in many workplaces.
Studying at the Department of Education will provide you with up-to-date knowledge of various theories that deal with learning and development mechanisms. This knowledge includes a broad reference to philosophical, psychological, sociological and technological aspects of learning processes at different spheres of life. The curriculum also includes an open mindset of essential skills focused on finding, analyzing, transmitting, and creating new knowledge. Teaching and training skills, team work, creation of ideas and projects would manage them in different social systems. The learning processes at the Department of Education are mainly based on innovative pedagogies, and innovative technological learning tools. They are also based on learning through creative projects.
The Department of Education involves researchers and lecturers who are keen to understanding important questions related to how people acquire different domains of knowledge and understand the conditions that are essential for optimal development.


Head of Education Department

Dr. Maram Masarwa

ساعات الاستقبال
Room 426

Secretary, Faculty of Education

Mrs. Shada Abo Moch

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Room 431
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