Department of Early Childhood

The department of Early Childhood operates on the basis that the first six years in life are the most important for a child’s development and in shaping one’s world at the behavioral, social, emotional, linguistic and cognitive levels. The ultimate goal of the department is to lead early childhood studies to excellence and to graduate teachers who are able to create an educational climate that enables a variety of childhood experiences, with a deep understanding of the range of characteristics and needs of children at this age. In this program, students also study Arabic Language and Literature as another major. The combination between Early Childhood and Arabic studies highlights the importance of language, learning and literacy that play a pivotal role in shaping the child’s personality and cultural identity. In addition, students take general courses in education and research-based seminars and write research papers. They also become involved in the Practical Education Program from their second-year to develop their teaching best practices and prepare for their future careers.


Head of Early Childhood Department

Dr. Khouloud Zabaneh Tannas

ساعات الاستقبال
Room 104

Secretary, Faculty of Education

Mrs. Shada Abo Moch

ساعات الاستقبال
Room 431
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