Department of Special Education

The curriculum of special education at Al-Qasemi Academic College is based on the belief that education is a national priority and a basic human right. The department of Special Education qualifies teachers for students aged 6-21. In this program, students study special education as a major subject, and Arabic Language & Literature as a minor. This is because of the importance of improving literacy skills for children with special educational needs. Therefore, training in both areas (special education and Arabic) enables future teachers to “dismantle” the complex learning materials, and instruct them in a logical sequence and in accordance with the specific data of a special needs child.

In this program, students study general education courses, and the pedagogy of special needs education. In addition, they take research-based courses and seminars to write research papers. Moreover, they become involved in the Practical Education Program to develop their teaching practices and prepare for their future careers.


Head of Special Education Department

Dr. Muhammad Zayyad

ساعات الاستقبال
Wednesday 12:00 - 14:00
Thursday 14:00- 16:00
Room 428

Secretary, Faculty of Education

Mrs. Shada Abo Moch

ساعات الاستقبال
Room 431
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