Department of Mathematics

 - High School Track: Mathematics
 - High School Track: Mathematics and Computer Science

Teachin Mathematics is a real challenge in schools. Al-Qasemi Academic College is, therefore, committed to train teachers of mathematics who are aware of the cognitive and emotional problems that learning math triggers; and are skilled at teaching through flexible and up-to-date methods. The department has several goals, some of them are: to help future teachers develop a deep knowledge of mathematics, to develop and integrate technological tools into teaching, to inspire a love of math in their students, to encourage and develop students’ thinking skills and to accommodate different learning styles and levels.

In this program, students take courses in general education as well as the pedagogy of mathematics. They also take research-based courses and seminars and write research papers.

From the second year onwards, students become involved in the Practical Education Program in schools, where they start to be trained for their future career as teachers.

Students can choose to study Computer Science as another major.


Head of Mathematics Department

Dr. Hussam Haj Ihia

Secretary, Faculty of Science

Mrs. Salam Gara

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Room 458
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