Department of Sciences

 - Elementary School Track

Al-Qasemi Academic college offers a single major program to graduate science teachers in elementary schools (grades 1-6). Knowledge and expertise nurtured by this program relate directly to the learner's world and environment to discover nature and human-nature interaction. In addition, working in a high-tech world is addressed through a balanced view of place and uniqueness of human nature with an emphasis on his involvement and impact on the environment.

This program adheres to a tight integration between theory, research, pedagogy and practical training. It includes introductory courses from the following fields:

  • Life sciences - that focus on living entities and phenomena such as animals, plants, human body, genetics, reproduction, bacteria, health education, physiology and more.
  • Material Sciences – that focus on materials and their features, natural resources, electrical and optical phenomena (fundamentals of physical science courses).
  • Environmental sciences – that focus on ecology, environment, sustainability, adverse weather phenomena, earth science and space technology, combining fundamental science, technology and society.

The program also includes courses on science as a whole, focusing on scientific thinking methods as well as basic concepts and common principles in various fields of science. Moreover, there is a focus on general education courses as well as the pedagogy of science. Education courses are taught using methods that integrate information technologies, observation, laboratory experiments, and activities outside the classroom, in addition to tours to high-tech companies, power plants, wastewater treatment plants, etc. Moreover, in the second-year, students become involved in Practical Education Program in schools to prepare for their future careers.



Head of Science Department

Dr. Nael Aesa

Reception Hours
Tuesday 14:00- 15:00
Room 459


Secretary, Faculty of Science

Mrs. Salam Gara

ساعات الاستقبال
Room 458
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