Department of Mathematical Education

 - High School Track

Teaching mathematics is a unique challenge in both Arab and Jewish schools, the college is committed to train teachers of mathematics in post - elementary schools to be proficient in math, and aware of the cognitive and emotional problems that learning math triggers, and be skilled in teaching flexible and up-to-date methods in this domain. Goals specialization is to train teachers depth knowledge in mathematics fields: punctual in formulating definitions and sentences, know how to use textbooks different and familiar with the curricula of existing and goals, ready to deal with programs in the future, know how to analyze mathematical articles and didactic, to integrate the computer programs in teaching, aware of the need that bring the profession of mathematics to their liking of the students, know to plan lessons given at different levels of students, care for their students, knows how to listen, adjust, repair errors, encourage and develop students' thinking level.


Head of the Mathematics Education Program – M.Ed.

Prof. Juhaina Shahbari

ساعات الاستقبال
Room 477
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