Department of Islamic Studies

The purpose teaching basic concepts of Islam is to extend the student’s basic knowledge on religion and culture of Islam in all specialties in order to qualify a teacher who respects tradition, and is tied to his roots and recognizes the contribution of Islam to world culture. Goals of postgraduate studies is both providing knowledge, and understanding of Quran, through analysis and interpretation using books of Hadith, “ Assona alnabawiyah”, the four major sunni schools “madhahib” and a variety of opinions of Muslim thinkers and scholars examining religious issues in Islam while developing a research approach and critical reading of various issues of modern society among students, issues that arouse controversy such as euthanasia, organ planting etc. Emphasize should be put on the cultural, educational and humanistic message expressed in the love of humanity, giving respect for other religions and their contribution to universal humanism. Curriculum internship lasts four years, during the first years, students will acquire the basic tools for the study of religion: the fundamentals of Belief and commandments in Islam, principals of Islamic law, its sources and its modes of interpretation of the Quran. Students will acquire skills of reading religious texts from the Quran and from the Islamic sources within the framework of critical reading and integrating different scientific sources that deal with the authenticity of Hadith referred to as al-jarḥ wa al-taʻdīl (discrediting and accrediting), in order to develop independent thinking among students. Students in advanced stages will deal with issues and problems that require religious law tools acquired in previous years.


Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies

Prof. Sobhi Rayan

ساعات الاستقبال
Room 478
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