Scientific Research Center

Al-Qasemi Scientific Research Center was launched in 2008. The main emphasis of the Center is to foster high-level research in Biology and Chemistry. A highly interdisciplinary scientific investigation at the center is based on intensive collaboration between biologists, chemists, and computer scientists.
The center has hired highly trained personnel with cutting-edge technologies to conduct basic and applied research in the fields of Cell Biology, Virology, Medicinal plants, Microbiology, Chemistry and Chemo-informatics sciences. In addition, researchers are engaged in collaborative initiatives, such as developing of medicinal plants based drugs. The researchers in the center have published more than 40 peer-reviewed papers including books, book chapters.
Main Fields of the Center:

  • Inflammation and Medicinal plants – Prof. Bashar Saad
  • Diabetes type II - novel anti-diabetic drugs from medicinal plants – Dr. Hilal Zaid
  • Drug Discovery Informatics - Prof. Anwar Rayan
  • Virology and molecular genetics - Prof. Muhammad Zidan
  • Microbiology- Dr. Mahmoud Masalha
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