Poet: Rawan Abu Foul- Since 1948

A young girl, tough girl, polite, astonishes,
Her smile flourishes
Peace is her right world. Writers witnessed, she is honest

Her heart was stolen, with its golden dome
By her cousin, no safety again, dusk until dawn
The dome protects beliefs, even when sins foam
Defending the legacy, even when owners be gone

Her kidney is healthy, mellow and wealthy
Yet over worthy, thus stolen stealthy
The cells instead of vanishing deathly
Handle the deadly filth, escaping swiftly

Her mind is dispersed, confined and cursed
declines the perverse, decides to preserve
the least left of the nerves
to the wine poured to her curves
avoiding a rage burst, that’ll cost human loss,
and no road to take, “you heard that Robert Frost?”

Her relatives did nothing to the rapist criminal, leaving her traumatized
Standing back on her feet with a goal in mind
Relatives attack, she gets busy with that, as well busy with life
Siblings reach out, the cousin attacks, siblings turn back “the truth shall not rife”

The wind is howling, the waves are cold
She is now drowning, done being bold
The fears are crawling, the tears feel old
Death is spreading, all eyes unfold

Swims the dear in the skies of freedom
Flies in the ocean slow defining her regions
May a day go by with no lost legion?
Harks are ever more tolerable to see them

Write, right, write
Words, fight, use them
Fight, do, a deed
Write, is a deed
Do some
Scars are to bleed
Not the time to seal them
Souls sail in blood
For the aim of freedom

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