Poet: Hiba Abed Elghani- I and They

They told me to be happy
You have to do it our way,
Or else, be miserable like the ashes
that always burn away
They told me to be part of humanity
to think this or that way
They told me to be honest
You should lie to make us pay
It is never easy to change such a play
Burning souls and chaos everywhere
Can they fix it someday?
To be sublime without thinking this way
Calling our lord with nasty hands should fade away
They say raise hands up and wait for us to say
Say that we are lords and there is no other way
Good lords like you weren't giving so much hate
Learning how to be brave even when it gets tough everyday
Well stop messing around because it is getting late
Watch out for our ghosts that flow around waiting for us to say
Heaven is not for lords but for the kings who broke your soaraway.

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