Poet: Ruaa Haj Yahya- My Other Soul (Sonnet)

How my other soul came into my life, I do not know,
I was like a blind girl who could see nothing through the murk,
Then, your light ignited my life, and every place I go,
I see other people’s eyes, in the dark they lurk

to steal every moment my soul with me hast shared,
They are staring at us in a wistful smile,
Because our relationship hast fared,
Whatever they do, all we need to do, is to pass the stile,

God sent you from above,
Just like raindrops falling from the sky,
You watered my heart with your love,
I will stay with you forever, not believe any lie,

Nevertheless, I know you will protect me always,
And you will never let anyone break my heart.

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