Prof. Anwar Rayan
  • Phone: +97246286764
  • Fax: +97246286762
  • Email:
  • Room Number: room number 504, Qasemi Research Center bld.
  • Address: Drug Discovery Informatics Lab, Qasemi Research Center, Al-Qasemi Academic College, P.O. Box 124, Baqa El-Gharbia, 30100, Israel.
  • Academic Unit: Science Department- Qasemi Research Center
The Laboratory of Drug Discovery Informatics headed by Prof. Anwar Rayan develops/employs algorithms and computer techniques for drug design and structural/functional biology studies. We are focused on sequence-structural analysis of proteins, protein-protein/ protein-ligand interactions and ADME/Tox predictions. All project lines are characterized either by own verification or by close cooperation with experimental partners within the Qasemi Research Center, Academy and/or Industry to ensure a closed loop between theoretically derived model and experimental proof. Such strategy is an important prerequisite for success.