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Al-Qasemi College was founded in 1989 as an institute of Sharia and Islamic studies. It has grown and developed into a nationally recognized academic institution, certified by the Council for Higher Education in Israel. Al-Qasemi’s vision is to create an academic environment which facilitates and fosters both high quality intellectual achievement, and a culture of dialogue between religions, cultures, and traditions. Through partnership with other academic institutions within Israel and outside of the country, professional conferences and study days, and the incorporation of a diverse faculty, Al-Qasemi is actively working to create a new model for higher education.
Al-Qasemi currently has more than 3000 students and a faculty of 150, composed of both Arab and Jewish Israeli lecturers. Students are awarded degrees in 7 fields: Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Mathematics and Computers, Early Childhood Education, Special Education, and Sciences.
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